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Q: Does my existing policy need to be up for Renewal for me to change Insurance Carriers?
A: No. You may move an Insurance Policy at any time. There are zero charges, when your policy is expiring. To cancel an existing policy for much more saving, there may be a small mid-term cancellation fee from your old company, but the Evangelical savings normally far outweighs this small charge.
Q: About how much will I save with the Evangelical Insurance discount?
A: Each policy is different. Price is important but also coverage, and limits, should be reviewed bi-yearly as there many New discounts available on our Christian Group Package.
The average savings we are seeing with the J D SmithInsurance.com Evangelical Package is 35% to 40% for insuring 2 automobiles and 1 home.
Occasionally it is even better. We insured a church administrator last month in Mississauga and his saving was 58%, with much better coverage on his house.
Q: How do I qualify for the special Alliance Insurance rate?
A: You must either work at, be a member at or attend an Evangelical Church in Ontario to qualify for the discount. If that sounds like you, you should qualify.
Q: Do you also insure other products?
A: Yes. We insure thousands of Christians for their House, Condo and Car.
But for 40 years, we have also insured Church's across Canada with unique broad coverage that is very reasonable. We also insure, Directors & Officers, Church Boards, ATV's, motorcycles, motor homes, boats and snowmobiles.
Q: Do you provide flexible payment plans?

We offer 3 payment options:

  1. pre-authorized payments from your bank
  2. full payment with cash, credit card or cheque
  3. installment plan with cash, credit card or cheque.

Whatever works best for you.

Q: Why offer an additional 7% special rate to Pastors and Staff?
A: We have insured pastors and their employees for over 30 years on a Group program and they have proven to have had fewer claims and were better drivers than any other group. We are please to offer them 7% more discount than ourselves as a way of giving back for the great work they do.
Q: Why are there such good savings with your Evangelical Insurance Plan?
A: We have insured Christian Families as a group for 34 years, under a special unique program. Our insurance market has found that as a group, we are a Better Risk. We are mainly Non-Smokers, have fewer claims, honest in reporting, and are excellent to work with. As a result, the savings are passed on to the group and hopefully you.
Q: How did this program start? Tell me about J D Smith Insurance.
A: J D Smith Insurance Brokers, first started insuring Pastors and their staff, in 1984. Our President was on the Elders board of Bayview Glen Alliance Church for 18 years and 3 of our staff attend A.G.C. and Alliance Church's. Our VP Mark Smith, is Chairman of the Mayors Prayer breakfast, and has been on Mission trips, and an elder for many years. He recently started a second Evangelical Church Plant in Newmarket.
If you look on our J D Smith Insurance.com web site under, About Us, Core Values, you will see we have been a Committed Faith Company, since 1979.
Q: Can You Give me an example of a recent policy sold in the last month?
A: Mississauga, Church member, Infinity SUV, Premium, $1,096.00 Plus Tenant Policy, with better coverage, for $337.00 Total Cost $1,433.00. (Insured for 11 years with a Direct Internet Insurance Company for $2,429.00).
Savings for her of $996.00 was a real Blessing.
Thanks for reading our FAQ.
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